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This section of PoloCenter brings to the equestrian a directory of horse and other livestock feed stores in Canada & the United States indexed by province / state and city.   Feed stores include feed mills, and any other business that retails horse feed.

Suggested keywords for advertising to appear in this horse feed section are: polocenter, horse, feed, horse feed, feed stores, feed mills, Coop, Co-op, Farmers, livestock, cattle, grain, sweet feed, hay, alfalfa, timothy, orchard, bermuda, bahia, T&A, minerals, supplements, supplies, nutrician, vitamins, electrolytes.

Elsewhere on PoloCenter are directories consisting of everything required for the care, training and shipping of horses. These castegories include stable and field equipment and supplies, grooms, farriers, veterinarians, tack and saddle shops, equestrian insurance, horse trailers and horse shipping worldwide.

All deciplines are represented which include dressage, eventing, showing, show jumping, fox hunting, steeple chase, thoroughbred racing, quarter horse racing, harness racing, barrel racing, polo, western riding, Thoroughbred Horses, Quarter Horses, cutting, reining, AQHA, Paint Horses, APHA.

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